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Divorce is a life changing event. It is a struggle that takes you on an emotional and physical roller coaster ride. I am SO thankful that Edrea Grabler was sitting with me on that ride! Her experience and knowledge were key to getting me through this difficult time. More importantly to me, though, was her compassion, concern about my children, and sometimes having to tell me things I did not want to hear, because I needed to hear them. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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I never thought I would need to hire an attorney, but when faced with fighting for custody of my two little boys and being a single parent, I wanted someone who would always have the children’s best interests in mind and help me through the process. Edrea helped me get through the drama of a custody case and kept me moving forward at all times. Edrea has a calm sense about her and had a huge calming effect on me. This was the most stress that I had ever felt in my life, as the safety and stability of my children’s lives was at stake. Had it not been for Edrea’s clear understanding of the laws and leading me through this process, I know that I wouldn’t have custody of my children now. My two little boys now have a stable and happy life because of her.

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