How long does it take to get divorced?Once New Hampshire couples decide to get divorced, they typically want the process to be completed as quickly as possible.  The timeline for a divorce varies – in some cases it can be completed in as quickly as a few months and in others it can take years.  How can you and your spouse achieve your quickest and most pain-free divorce?  Be in general agreement on most of your family and financial issues and hire a top New Hampshire divorce lawyer who specializes in family law to help guide you to securing the assets, custody, and way of life you seek.  But, on the flipside, what are some of the factors that contribute to a prolonged divorce?  Below are the four most common factors that delay and drag out the divorce process:

  • Prolonged New Hampshire Divorce – Factor 1: 
    • You and your spouse agree on very few issues to resolve the divorce, so you have to attend many hearings, causing attorney’s fees to soar, and ultimately leaving the fate of your future in the hands of the court to decide.
  •  Prolonged New Hampshire Divorce – Factor 2: 
    • Uncontrolled emotions, whether your spouse’s and/or yours, can lengthen the divorce process and prevent the court from efficiently dealing with the substance of the case – custody, alimony, or property division.
  • Prolonged New Hampshire Divorce – Factor 3: 
    • Your spouse and/or you refuse to follow court orders, resulting in additional hearings to enforce compliance or for contempt.  Whenever your lawyer has to prepare for and attend a hearing, your attorney’s fees increase substantially.
  • Prolonged New Hampshire Divorce – Factor 4: 
    • The New Hampshire Circuit Court – Family Division is backed up in processing paperwork, scheduling hearings, and issuing court orders.
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